Panda Dome Advanced 1 PC 1 Year

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Panda Dome Advanced 1 PC 1 Year

The world is often so fascinated with the latest technology advancements that you often get caught up in it and somehow overlook their potential of being harmful. Not that being instinctively suspicious towards the technology progress could be a solution. You need a balanced approach that enables you to enjoy the benefits of technology while keeping out of harm's way. Thanks to Panda Dome Advanced 1 PC 1 Year, a product that builds a bridge between these two key aspects. It allows you to surf the Internet while ensuring that your digital life is protected without any compromise.

Panda has released a Dome, a new advanced cyber-security concept for home-users. Dome Advanced is an Internet Security Suite, which with a unique design, enhanced protection features, and a new VPN connection. Under the new Panda Dome Advance, you can download any file, shop online safely, stream any video, bank safely online, prevent spam and ransomware attacks, monitor your children’s online activity, and do much more! It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Experience real-time protection against all the different types of online threats. Panda Dome Advanced neatly tends to all the various aspects of your interaction with your PC, both offline and online. It is centered on providing a safe environment while you surf the web by incorporating different tools that give you a higher degree customized application. It helps you to identify the potential risks and threats you are exposed to and act against them, without hindering the performance of your PC or your productivity in general.

Experience integrated protection of smart antivirus and VPN for safe and anonymous surfing. Panda Dome Advanced has a smart, reliable antivirus that provides custom or full scans, quarantine suspicious files, and allows you to view scan reports. Moreover, you will find it easy to schedule your virus scans. Together with the antivirus, you get a VPN to protect your identity while you are online. 

The Panda Dome Advanced 1 pc 1 Year has extra features, including parental control that fights off and defends you from ransomware, malware, viruses, and identity theft. The great thing about Panda Dome is that you must not be an expert to use it; it'll do everything for you. Just install it and forget about viruses and other threats. 

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