VMware vSphere 7 Enterprise Plus Basic Support - 1 Processor - 3 Year Sub

$1,929.99 $2,699.00

Product Vendor : KEY MBA

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  • For Mac and PC
  • For 1 Device
  • Subscription based
  • Lifetime support at no extra cost
  • Estimated time delivery 2 -3 weeks

VMware vSphere 7 Enterprise Plus Basic Support - 1 Processor - 3 Year Sub

Get weekday support for test, development, and non-critical deployments on your environment. vSphere 7 Enterprise Plus  Basic Support - 1 Processor - 3 Year Sub includes optimum resource management, enhanced application performance, and availability, so enterprises can effectively build applications and optimize data. This Basic Support package includes on-call, realtime, tech support from VMware engineers and technical operators during normal business hours, and access to online forums and resources. 

VMware vSphere 7 Enterprise Plus Basic Support - 1 Processor - 3 Year Sub will give you an edge in your business. It doesn’t matter what environment you have or what industry you are operating in, all you need to do is check if VMware Basic Support is available for your industry and start enjoying the high-quality support.

VMware has designed its VMware® Basic Support and Subscription Service for non-critical platforms and applications that need support during normal business hours, such as:

  • Major (Severity 2): 4 business hours
  • Minor (Severity 3): 8 business hours
  • Cosmetic (Severity 4): 12 business hours

VMware also has various VMwareglobal support centers. These centers have been strategically placed all over the globe to provide you with fast and efficient access to support through the support center in your region. Each center enough engineers and technical support with enough experience to provide industry-leading expertise in virtualization. The staff also have years of experience in supporting virtual infrastructure products in realtime, real-world customer environments. 

VMware is committed to delivering enterprise-class, worldwide support with a single objective in mind: your success. VMware® Basic Support and Subscription Service will help you spur your business to the next level. 

Note: The purchase of Production support for VMware Personal Desktop products requires a minimum license quantity of ten (10) per supported product.

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